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They Rose Above It All - Book   FORMAT: Softcover  
New Book "Ty"

Tyrique (Ty), a bright young boy who intrigues all who know him, love him and want to be a part of his life. With the help of God, hopefully, we are finding out who Ty really is "through Grandma's eyes" Follow the heart of my grandmother as she and I inform, enlighten, and bring out truths about me, my behavior, and the medicines that I have experienced.
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This author writes about the ups and downs of families going through many trials and tribulations. Their situations are not unique, yet some may never tell what they face for fear of retaliation. There are many similarities in all of the situations involving each of these young people that can happen in your family. On any given day, you may find yourself in one of their situations. But know this, you can and will make it through, if you faint not. Press on, God is always in control and He will surely pull you through.

These three young people went through trials, tribulations and now triumphs. All because they recognized a higher being. They had the love, bond and strength of family unity. And by the Grace of God, they never gave up. They each can testify to the outcome of their own situation.

Price: $16.99

Price: $9.99

They Rose Above It All - DVD

The hit play is now on DVD  
Based on a true story of police brutality and one family's faith and love.

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"They Rose Above It All", was professionally produced by Double D Productions, David Dennis.


Price: $12.00 (includes S&H)

So Others Will Know - Book   FORMAT: Softcover  

So Others Will Know - "You Are Never Alone" - This book is intended to inform the public that Quality Care has gone out of the window - and we need to get back to caring about the person as a whole - whether they are a maid or a queen. God is not pleased with the kind of care or lack of it that is given to our loved ones in some of these care centers.

It is also designed to let others know that someone else has gone through what you have and you are never alone. God is working behind the scenes always. And he has a ram in the bush who is constantly acting on your behalf.


Price: $12.99


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