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Ms Washington,


I cannot begin to explain how moved I was by your play 'Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs, The Sequel. All families go through things and we never believe we can get through it. But because you shared with the world how faith kept you and your family, I know I can walk in that same faith. I was truly moved .."can't wait for Part 3"

Pamela Tucker-Gorden

Trei Taylor

WOW I was very impressed. Oh my goodness. The Set was really, really good, I thought. The young lady who plays Trinity her spirit was so sweet, that has to be how she really is "smile". WE LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, the daddy!! Did he sit under your husband to get him down so well? I mean he was dead on and he was hilarious. It was a good mix it kept the play from being so "serious" even though the issue is very serious. You really had a good cast.

The Play was the best I've seen in years. I laughed and cried and cried and cried. I Loved it!

Jennifer Houston

That's awesome! Congrats Min. Minister Verneita Washington & continued success!!

Vitelle Webb

LOVE IT!!!~~~Sincere in Jesus~~~JP


Jeannette MSP Pelt

I seen it once & will be seeing it again! I loved it & can't wait for the sequel.

 Toya Taylor

I witnessed the play and it was full of memorable moments. You could feel the energy and passion throughout the entire play. Many times I got out of my seat as the show came to life and you just knew you were right there when it all occurred. I say VJ Plays are a must see from now on and if you want to see real life in a play I encourage you to check them out.



V.J Washington I just watched the play based on the book, They Rose Above It All! You did a great job! Keep up the good work! God is really using you to bless others! Continue to tell others how far he has brought you and your family!

Erica Hines-Washington



This was an awesome play, from the beginning to the end it had you attention. For all that missed it, I am truly sorry for you. But I will tell you that when it comes back around, you better be first to get your ticket. Because it was sold out and I will be going again to see it, so that's one ticket already gone. But this play is a must see and it will also enlighten those out of touch with reality. But really you have to catch it!!!!

Art J.

Hello! Thanks so much for having me apart of this true story brought to the stage. I thank God for the opportunity to be apart of this great production. The play went very well and we all brought it to the stage. Let me know if you are going to bring it to Conyers, because I will make sure I will return for the play. Thanks so much Washington family! God Bless!!!!!!

Ramone Cooper

The best play I've ever seen in years go and see it when it comes around again very soon.


Loved the book and was very excited for my sister that this was being produced as a stage play. I got to see the play; which made you sad at times and made you laugh other times. It was very heartbreaking to realize that in today’s society injustice is alive and we need to keep on telling the stories so that others will know. Congratulations Neita on a job well done!                                              

 Claudina Walker

Heart-stopping and real! "They Rose Above It All" was a realistic and touching account to the episodes plaguing our community daily. I was in complete awe of the play, great storyline, awesome actors!

Jennifer Da Cruz-Washington



A dream come to fruition. The play, "They Rose Above It All," is the culmination of a long struggle to get the truth about the traumatic incident that happened to an innocent, honor roll, Christian young lady out to the people. It is a warning to the young and a reminder to the old of the current and past realities in our lives.

The play was adapted from Mrs. Washington's book of the same title. It made you laugh, made you cry, and strengthened your faith in rising above injustice and your faith in God. To get the most from the play and really understand some of what the family went through, read the book.

The actors and the intimate setting brought the play to life. You are right there almost on stage watching everything unfold. You see and feel the pain and fear of the young lady, her family and friends. The character portrayal of the father was dead on. The actor really captured the essence of Mr. Washington.

Thank you Mrs. Washington for proving that dreams can come to fruition, and for reaffirming our faith that with God you can rise above it all.

Ophelia Roberts




The screen pay "They Rose Above It All" by VJ Washington was an excellent production. Some of the elements of the play depicted what can really happen to anyone while just driving. Some of the scenes where very humorous, while other scenes were serious emotional tear jerkers and sad.

You could really feel the emotions of the trials and tribulations that one can face at any given time. The play showed how the victim had to cry out to Jesus Christ for help in her situation. The victim that experienced the police brutality had little resources to help her as she was going through her trials and tribulations in terms of legal recourse but through her belief in Jesus Christ, she knew when she called on God that He would hear her cry and come to her rescued.

Because the victim had strong family support who also believed in Jesus Christ, she knew all she had to do was to call on Jesus and He was with her throughout the ordeal. It was an excellent play that held my attention through out the entire performance.

The cast was very good. I am anxious to see the sequel to the play to see how justice was really served to the victim at the end of her police brutality ordeal. It's a must see play when the sequel comes out in production. The play was good entrainment even though the content of the play was rather sad but a reality in today's law enforcement environment. A well done performance.

Carolyn Driver



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