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Welcome to the Official website of the hit play "They Rose Above It  All (THE SEQUEL)" 

This writer would like to share how great God is and how He will step in and turn things around for your good. Though this family went through many trials and
tribulations, they kept the faith, prayed a lot and believed God to work things out. This play, "They Rose Above It All, the Sequel", is sure to inspire, bring hope, deliver peace of mind and show the audience what God can and will do when you believe that He is able, and He will do just what He says. Visit this site, view the comments and see for yourself how the people who saw this life-changing, inspirational, gospel play felt.
Thank you for your review and stay tuned to the next production coming soon. Also, look out for "The Surrogate", another inspirational stage play, written by Yours Truly, coming to a theatre near you. My ministry is to be a help to those who have gone through the same trials and tribulations that this family has. Only to show you how God will pull you through. Read more

New Book "Ty"

Tyrique (Ty), a bright young boy who intrigues all who know him, love him and want to be a part of his life. With the help of God, hopefully, we are finding out who Ty really is "through Grandma's eyes" Follow the heart of my grandmother as she and I inform, enlighten, and bring out truths about me, my behavior, and the medicines that I have experienced.
Now available on, click here for more information.

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